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Below is the final program for the inauguration symposium and workshop on May 29-31, plus the social events. Please ask the organizers if you are interested in activities on June 1.


Inauguration Symposium of the Center for Nuclear Astrophysics

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Chair: Yong-Zhong Qian

8:30-8:45 am President Jie Zhang (Welcome Remarks)

8:45-9:00 am Xiangdong Ji (Introduction to Department of Physics & Astronomy & INPAC)


9:00-9:15 am Conference Photo


9:15-9:55 am George Fuller (Neutrinos in Supernovae & Cosmology)

9:55-10:35 am Wick Haxton (New Science with Solar Neutrinos)


10:35-10:50 am Coffee Break


Chair: Guoqing Xiao

10:50-11:30 am Baha Balantekin (Overview of Experiments on Neutrino Oscillations)

11:30 am -12:10 pm Jianglai Liu (Future Neutrino Program in China)


12:10-2:00 pm Lunch Break


Chair: Tan Lu

2:00-2:40 pm Zigao Dai (Gamma-Ray Bursts & High-Energy Astrophysics)

2:40-3:20 pm Weiping Liu (Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics in China)


3:20-3:50 pm Coffee Break


Chair: Yang Sun

3:50-4:30 pm Chris Wrede (Nuclear Astrophysics with FRIB)

4:30-5:10 pm Shigeru Kubono (Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions for Astrophysics)


6:00 pm Dinner & CNA Committee Meeting


CNA Workshop (Day 1)

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Chair: Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo

9:00-9:40 am Huaiyu Duan (Collective Neutrino Oscillations)

9:40-10:10 am Meng-Ru Wu (Supernova Neutrino Signals)

10:10-10:40 am Jianglai Liu (Search for Sterile Neutrino Oscillations at China Advanced Research Reactor)


10:40-11:10 am Coffee Break


Chair: Chris Wrede

11:10-11:40 am Jianjun He (Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments at Lanzhou)

11:40 am -12:10 pm Kaixuan Ni (Advances in Direct Detection of Dark Matter) 


12:10-2:00 pm Lunch Break


Chair: Zigao Dai

2:00-2:40 pm Shuang-Nan Zhang (Direct Measurement of Evolving Dark Energy Density and      

                                                        Re-accelerating Expansion of the Universe) 

2:40-3:20 pm Yipeng Jing (Formation of Dark Matter Halos and Galaxies from Simulations)

3:20-4:00 pm Xiaowei Liu (Galactic Surveys with the LAMOST)


4:00-4:30 pm Coffee Break


Chair: Yipeng Jing

4:30-5:10 pm Xiaohu Yang (Star Formation Histories in Dark Matter Halos)

5:10-5:40 pm Projjwal Banerjee (Neutrino-Induced Nucleosynthesis)

5:40-6:10 pm Jianrong Shi (Observations of Elemental Abundances in Metal-Poor Stars)


6:45 pm Banquet


CNA Workshop (Day 2)

Friday, May 31, 2013


Chair: Liewen Chen

9:00-9:40 am Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo (Nuclear Input for Supernovae)

9:40-10:10 am Gang Shen (Neutrino Opacities)

10:10-10:40 am Renxin Xu (From the Symmetry Energy to a Light-Flavour Symmetry)


10:40-11:10 am Coffee Break


Chair: Yumin Zhao

11:10-11:50 am Zhentang Zhao (Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility)

11:50 am -12:20 pm Changbo Fu (Nuclear Astrophysics with High-Intensity Laser)


12:20-2:00 pm Lunch Break


Chair: George Fuller

2:00-2:40 pm Kei Kotake (Core-Collapse Supernovae)

2:40-3:10 pm Luke Roberts (Neutrino-Driven Winds)

3:10-3:40 pm Yefei Yuan (Neutrino Transport in Accretion Disks)


3:40-4:10 pm Coffee Break


Chair: Shigeru Kubono

4:10-4:40 pm Yuhu Zhang (Mass Measurements for the rp-Process)

4:40-5:10 pm Baohua Sun (Mass Measurements for the r-Process)

5:10-5:40 pm Xiaodong Tang (Low-Energy Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments)


6:00 pm Departure for Pujiang River Cruise