The World of Infinite Small and Cutting Edge Technologies 微观世界与尖端技术

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Particle physics is to find out answers to the questions: what are the fundamental building blocks of our universe, and how do they interact each other? For the most basic inquiries into the dynamics and structure of matter, space, and time, we seek the simplest kinds of interactions at the highest possible energies. These typically entail particle having high energy and the interactions of the simplest kinds of particles: leptons, quarks and field quanta with size down to 10-18 m.

This presentation is to briefly introduce the Standard Model picture of the elementary particle physics, and how we use cutting edge technology to build big facilities like particle accelerator and particle detector to discover any as yet unobserved constituents that carries information of the early history, the rules governing the interaction among them, and the nature of the space and time in which they reside. Some frontier experiments in space, in deep underground or based on particle accelerators are briefly mentioned as examples to demonstrate how we seek answers to the key science questions. Prospect on the future program of particle physics with accelerators is mentioned. The cutting technologies developed from this field, and their application to energy, homeland security, science of material, biology and medicine, aerospace, astrophysics and cosmology, will be discussed.


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