Creation of Mimic Black Hole in Laboratory with Intense Lasers

日期:2009-10-28 阅读:1135


There is appearing the third way to study astrophysics after observation and theory. We call it "Laboratory Astrophysics" or "Laser Astrophysics". This concept is proposed by the speaker about 15 years ago, and we have obtained distinguished result on Black Hole related physics recently with a big laser facility. This accomplishment owes to an international collaboration of Japan, China and Korea. The results were highlighted in the journal Nature-Physics as the best physics in the month October 2009. It should be noted that the leader of the Chinese team is the SJTU President Jie Zhang.


Academic Honors and Awards for Professor Takabe:
(1) Young Researcher Award, Japan Society of Lasers (1989)
(2) Fellow, American Physical Society (2000-)
(3) Prize Winner of Edward Teller Medal (2003)
(4) Honorary Professor, National Astronomical Observatory, China (2006-2010)
(5) Distinguished Guest Professorship, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China (2008- )


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