Fast and robust manipulation of BEC by using shortcuts to adiabaticity

日期:2018-05-28 阅读:500


In this talk, I begin with the concept of shortcuts to adiabaticity with the applications in quantum information processing and atomic physics, and review the current experimental achievements. First of all, I will discuss the fast and robust of atomic transport, particularly in non-harmonic traps, by using the inverse engineering method and variational approach. The effects of nonlinearity resulting from atom-atom interaction are clarified. Secondly, I discuss the fast compression of matter wave soliton by using shortcuts to adiabaticity based on variational approach. Moreover, the transport of spin-orbit coupled BEC is also discussed as well with spin up simutaneously. Finally, my talk will end up with the applications of quantum heat engineering showing the improvement of power of heat engine.



陈玺博士主要从事量子光学和量子调控,包括量子绝热捷径技术及其应用和受限小量子体系中量子行为及操控。发表SCI论文90余篇,其中,第一作者和通讯作者50篇,Nature Comm.1篇,Phys. Rev. Lett.论文3篇,他引1442次。先后入选曙光、浦江、青年科技启明星(跟踪)和晨光人才计划。主持国家自然科学基金3项及会议1项。近年来,研究发现了受限小量子体系中与波动性有关的新现象和新效应,并提出了量子绝热捷径技术,为不同量子体系中能级、波函数的调控提供了新方法。其中,量子绝热捷径技术得到了M. Berry等人的高度评价,部分理论获得了国际同行的实验验证。2016年与南京大学朱诗亮等合作实现了三能级体系STIRAP的加速,获得2016年全国光学重要成果奖。


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