The role played by hBN in Graphene/hBN devices

日期:2018-04-16 阅读:596


The hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is a well-known substrate for graphene and other 2D heterostructure devices, mostly due to its flat, chemical inert surface and a good dielectric with a large band gap. In fact, hBN is found to be much more interesting and important than it acts as a substrate, there are many interesting and important transport physics originated from the Graphene/hBN interface. In this report, different aspects of roles played by hBN in Graphene/hBN devices will be discussed, and Wei will show epitaxy of graphene superlattice, fractal Hofstadter Butterfly spectra, Zener-Klein tunneling and remote coupling of electron in graphene lattices to hyperbolic phonons from hBN lattices.



Wei Yang got his PhD in 2014 from the Institute of Physics CAS. Then he worked as a postdoc in Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain in Paris for 3 years. He is currently working in the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Spain as a postdoctoral scholar. His research focuses on electron transport in low dimensional materials.


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