Strain effects in Fe-based superconducting thin film

日期:2017-12-05 阅读:527


After the discovery of Fe-based superconductors, many groups have worked on preparing epitaxial thin films to explore their electro-magnetic and optical properties as well as possible applications. To date, epitaxial Fe(Se,Te), hole or electron doped AEFe2As2 (AE: alkari earth elements, AE-122), and LnFeAsO (Ln: rare earth elements, Ln-1111) thin films have been prepared by pulsed laser deposition (PLD), RF sputtering and molecular beam epitaxy. We have fabricated Co-doped Ba-122 thin films on various single crystalline substrates by PLD and investigated the effect of epitaxial strain on the superconducting properties. In this study, we found that the lattice distortion clearly affects the transition temperature, Tc. This was further confirmed by the experiments performed on piezoelectric substrates, in which the in-plane lattice parameter can be controlled by electric field. Later, the presence of a thin epitaxial Fe at film / substrate [(La0.7Sr0.3)(Al0.65Ta0.35)O3] interface was confirmed by the detailed microstructural analyses. Additionally, we have found that a bcc Fe bonds coherently to FeAs tetrahedron in the Co-doped Ba-122. Since FeAs or FeAs(Te) tetrahedron is a common structure for Fe-based superconductors, the implementation of an Fe buffer may be applicable to their epitaxial growth. Indeed, epitaxial Fe(Se,Te)/Fe bilayers with sharp out-of- and in-plane texture have been realised. Fe-buffer engineering also offers unique phenomena, namely strain induced superconductivity in parent Ba-122 compounds.


Career history
Since 10/2004 Associate Professor, Graduate school of Engineering, Nagoya University
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04/2004 – 03/2005 Research Associate, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
04/2002 – 03/2004 Chief Research Scientist, ISTEC-SRL
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04/1996 – 03/1999 Research Scientist, Materials Research Laboratory of TDK Corporation

2002 Doctor of Engineering from Nagoya University
1996 Master of Engineering from Nihon University
1994 Bachelor of Science from Nihon University


2017 Reviewer of the Year Awards 2016 (IOP Publishing, Superconductor Science and Technology)
2016 Cryogenic Materials Award for Excellence
2015 The ICMC Best Paper Award (together with J. Hänisch, F. Kurth, T. Thersleff, S. Trommler, E. Reich, R. Hühne, L. Schultz and B. Holzapfel)
2012 IMW-Forschungspreis 2012
2004 Excellent innovation prize, ISTEC-SRL
2002 Director General awards, ISTEC-SRL
1997 President Awards, TDK corporation
1994 Scholarship of top 5 students, Nihon University


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