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2015 MadGraph School on Collider Phenomenology

The recent discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has opened a new chapter for high energy physics. The world wide future projects at the energy frontier, such as the ILC, FCC, CEPC and SPPC, etc., are being actively pursued. To search for new physics and perform measurements at colliders, Monte Carlo simulations play a key role.

The "2015 MadGraph School on Collider Phenomenology” aims at providing the basic concepts useful to both theorists and experimentalists, on how accurate and precise predictions for collider experiments can be made and compared to experimental data. Afternoon tutorials on how to perform such simulations in the MadGraph5_aMC@NLO framework for Standard Model and for theories beyond will be an important part of the program. The school aims to foster the growth of a new generation of physicists in collider physics and invites applications by the best doctoral students and young post-docs in particle physics.

The school will be held at  Shanghai Jiao Tong University  (SJTU)  from November, 23-27.

We accept all qualified students (those who have publication in collider physics or have good training in particle physics phenomenology), as well as young researchers who have recent publications in collider phenomenology. Experimentalists working on new physics search are also encouraged to apply, and those who wish to learn MC tools on this occasion may be considered if vacancy arises. A poster session will be organized the first day for participants to present their work done on related subjects.

Interested participants, please go to Application Form (click here) to down load application form and for more detailed information. There will be a registration of 800RMB.

This school is orngnized in collaboration with the MADGRAPH collaboration and sponsored by the following institutes:



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