Probing the Circumgalactic Medium of the Milky Way

日期:2023-11-15 阅读:5042

报告人:方陶陶 (厦门大学)

时间:2023年11月15日 周三 15:00 - 16:00


摘要:The Circumgalactic Medium (CGM) encompasses the gas and dust spread throughout the extended galactic halo. Recent studies over the past decade indicate that the CGM is crucial in bridging the inner parts of galaxies with local large-scale structures, as well as in regulating galaxy formation and evolution. In my talk, I'll begin with an overview of the CGM. Then, I will focus on a specific galaxy: our own Milky Way. Given the abundant data available for the Milky Way, it's an ideal candidate for testing various CGM-related theories and models. I will discuss the gaseous components of its CGM and share findings from several of our group's research projects. Finally, I will explore the prospects of CGM research in light of current and planned observatories and missions, both domestically and internationally.



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