The Higgs Boson - Past, Current and Future

日期:2017-11-15 阅读:970


The Higgs boson plays an indispensable role in particle physics. It's discovery completes the Standard Model as we know. It also brings "uncertain" future. In this talk, I will review the history of the searches, the discovery in 2012,  and the current property measurements of the Higgs boson. I will also discuss future prospects and opportunities.


Professor Jianming Qian is the David M Dennison Collegiate Professor of Physics at the University of Michigan and a fellow of American Physical Society. His research focuses on the precision tests of Standard Model and searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model. He participated in the L3 experiment at LEP and the DZero experiment at Tevatron. Prof. Qian is currently a member of the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN. He made significant contributions to the determination of three light-neutrino species, the top-quark and Higgs-boson discoveries. He has also had many leadership roles, including serving as the Physics Coordinator of the DZero experiment and co-chairing the Higgs working group of the US Snowmass studies. He received his B.Sc. from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1985 and his PhD from MIT in 1991.  He has been on the faculty of the University of Michigan since 1993.

Host: Haijun Yang


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