Cosmological Neutrinos

日期:2017-10-25 阅读:814


I describe the cosmic neutrino background, and non-linear gravitational effects that may allow us to detect its presence.  In the present day universe, it contributes as hot dark matter, which perturbs the cold dark matter. In the early universe, it controls the evolution of early universe shock waves, and properties of primordial black holes. I will speculate on potential connections to Gamma Ray Bursts.


Dr. Ue-Li Pen is a professor and the director of Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA). His area of research is theoretical astrophysics. He study systems where basic physical effects can be isolated from astronomical complexities. His works include cosmic string, numerical simulations (hydro, MHD, N-body), weak lensing, the Sunyaev Zel'dovich effect and other large scale structures of the universe, neutron stars/GRBs/FRBs, etc.  Current projects include the non-linear dynamics of the cosmic neutrino background, 21cm intensity mapping, pulsar VLBI scintillometry, and Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment CHIME.

Host: Pengjie Zhang


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