New Structures and Novel Superconductivity of Hydrogen-rich Materials under High Pressure

日期:2017-06-07 阅读:843


The lofty goal in the studies of superconductors is to achieve superconductivity at room temperature. Metallic hydrogen is believed to be such a material with room-temperature superconductivity. However, metallization of hydrogen is still debates in laboratory. As an alternative, hydrogen-rich compounds are extensively explored which are expected to become a new member of superconductor family: hydrogen- based superconductor. We have explored extensively the crystal structure and superconductivity of new sulfur hydride H3S and other hydrogen- rich materials under high pressure by means of the first principle calculation and in situ high pressure experimental measurements. It was predicted at first time that H3S with Im-3m symmetry theoretically by our group to be a high-temperature superconductor with Tc reaching as high as 200 K at high pressure, which has been confirmed experimentally. Furthermore, other hydrogen-rich materials, such as disilane, were also found to be high-temperature superconductors at high pressures.


崔田,1964年出生,教授、博士生导师,“长江学者奖励计划”特聘教授。现任吉林大学物理学院院长、超硬材料国家重点实验室主任。1992年吉林大学物理系博士毕业后留校。在美国UC Berkeley完成博士后研究,曾赴美国Lawrence Livermore国家实验室做访问研究。1999年起在日本东京大学物性研究所(ISSP)进行了两年高级访问研究。担任国家重点基础研究发展计划(973)项目首席科学家、国务院学位委员会第六届学科评议组成员、中国物理学会理事、中国材料网理事会常务理事、中国物理学会高压物理专业委员会委员。



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