Liewen Chen Professor 国家“杰出青年” (2016 年)
  • Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Room 623, No. 5 Science Building
  • lwchen@sjtu.edu.cn

Professor Chen received his Ph.D. in Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics in 2000 from Institute of Modern Physics, the Chinese Academy of Science. He held a Research Associate position at Texas A&M University, College Station, USA (2002.02-2004.08), and a Visiting Professor position at Texas A&M University-Commerce, USA (2007.02-2007.05 and 2010.03-2010.05). Currently, he serves as the Associate-Director of the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astronomy, and Cosmology (INPAC), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and is a Guest Professor of Center of Theoretical Nuclear Physics, National Laboratory of Heavy Ion Accelerator, Lanzhou, China.

Professor Chen's studies mainly focus on the theoretical aspects of heavy-ion collisions at intermediate and relativistic energies. As a theorist, he made important contributions on many topics in isospin physics, compact stars and ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions, especially, 1) isospin effects in heavy-ion collisions at intermediate energies, 2) EOS of isospin asymmetric nuclear matter and the nuclear symmetry energy, 3) structure of neutron stars, 4) collective flow phenomena, exotic particle production and quark coalescence model in heavy-ion collisions at relativistic energies. Currently, his research interests mainly include theoretical studies of a) EOS of dense matter and physics of compact stars, b) isospin effects in heavy ion collisions with rare isotopes, c) signals and properties of the quark-gluon plasma in relativistic heavy ion collisions. He has authored more than 100 SCI publications, including 4 papers published in Physical Review Letters and 1 paper published in Physics Reports. The details of his SCI publications and the citations can be found in ResearcherID. His partial publications and preprints as well as the citations can also be found in INSPIRE.

Research Interests:
  1. Theoretical Nuclear Physics

  2. Heavy-Ion Collisions

  3. Quark Gluon Plasma

  4. Compact Stars

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