As early as 1996, the School of Physics and Astronomy of SJTU has earned the position as a leading institution in a program called research and practice on the systematic reform of teaching contents and courses of engineering physics facing the 21st century held by the Ministry of Education of the PRC. At the same time, it won the accession as a construction institution of the state teaching base of engineering physics (STBEP).

Our STBEP includes three main units, namely the basic physics teaching and researching office, the physical experiment center and the basic physics CAI researching office. In recent years, the teaching base carried forward the fine tradition of SJTU saying high starting point, solid foundation, stringent requirement, emphasis on practice and aspiration for innovation. We have achieved a series of fruits in such fields as systematic reform of teaching contents and courses, teaching materials construction, reform of teaching methods and instruments, construction of world-class experimental equipments and environment, building of a high-quality faculty team. What’s more, we have shaped our own features effecting and promoting the teaching reform in SJTU and other universities.  In 2004, College Physics offered by this base was crowned as a national quality course and College Physical Experiment in 2005. The research, building a physical experiment teaching system fostering the students’ innovation ability, obtained a second prize among all the national teaching achievements in 2005. In the same year, the physical experiment center was assessed as a national experimental and teaching demonstration center. Later, in 2008, our physics-teaching group was elected as a national teaching team.


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