Dandan Guan Assistant Researcher
  • Institute of Condensed Matter Physics
  • Surface Physics/Condensed Matter Physics
  • 021-54744616
  • Room 728, No. 5 Science Building
  • ddguan@sjtu.edu.cn

2002-2006 student of physics at Zhejiang University, China

2006-2011 PhD student, Condensed Matter Physics, Zhejiang University, China

2009-2011 dual culture PhD student, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University, Denmark

2011-2012 postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Storage Ring Facilities, Aarhus University, Denmark

2012-     Tenure-track assistant Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Research Interests:

  1. Low dimensional physics

  2. Topological quantum systems

  3. The electronic structure of surface/interface

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