Liang Hong Professor 教育部“长江学者” (2021 年)
  • Institute of Theoretical and Interdisciplinary Physics
  • Biophysics
  • 021-54742996
  • Room 336, No. 5 Science Building
  • hongl3liang@sjtu.edu.cn
  • http://ins.sjtu.edu.cn/people/lhong

2006-2010, PhD in University of Akron, with Prof. Alexei P. Sokolov

2004-2006, Master in Chinese University of Hong Kong

2000-2004, bachelor in physics from University of Science and Technology of China.

2010-2014, Oak Ridge National Postdoc with Prof. Jeremy C. Smith 

2015  till  now Distinguished research fellow, doctoral advisor(Thousand Young Talents Program in China) in Institute of Natural Sciences & Department of Physics and Astronomy

Research Interests:
1. Glass transition of protein and cryopreservation technique of life matters
2. Non-equilibrium dynamics of protein
3. Study of protein structure and complex system with small angle scattering and computer modeling
4. Fractional motion of hydration water on the protein surface


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  2. L. Zheng, Z. Liu, Q. Zhang*, S. Li, J. Huang, L. Zhang, B. Zan, M. Tyagi, H. Cheng*, T. Zuo, V. G. Sakai, T. Yamada,C. Yang, P. Tan, F. Jiang, H. Chen, W. Zhuang*, L. Hong*. Universal Dynamical Onset in Water at Distinct Material Interfaces. Chemical Science, 2022.

  3. X. Qian*, D. Han, L. Zheng, J. Chen, M. Tyag, Q. Li, F. Du, S. Zheng, X. Huang*, S. Zhang, J. Shi, H. Huang*, X. Shi, J. Chen, H Qin, J. Bernholc, X. Chen, L. Q Chen, L. Hong*, Q. M. Zhang. High-entropy polymer produces a giant electrocaloric effect at low fields. Nature, 600.7890 (2021): 664-669.

  4. Z. Liu, Sara Lemmonds, J. Huang, M. Tyagi, L. Hong* and N. Jain. Entropic Contribution to Enhanced Thermal Stability in the Thermostable P450 CYP119. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,115.43 (2018): E10049-E10058. 

  5. P. Tan, Y. Liang, Q. Xu, E. Mamontov, J. Li, X. Xing, and L. Hong*. Gradual crossover from subdiffusion to normal diffusion: A many-body effect in protein surface water. Physical Review Letters,120, 248101 (2018).

  6. Z. Liu, J. Huang, M. Tyagi, H. O’Neill, Q. Zhang, E. Mamontov, N. Jain, Yujie Wang, Jie Zhang, Jeremy C. Smith, and L. Hong*. Dynamical Transition of Collective Motions in Dry Protein. Physical Review Letters, 119 (2017), 048101.

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