Jiaming Li Professor 中国科学院院士 (1991 年)
  • Institute of Laser Plasma Physics
  • Atomic & Molecular Physics, Computational Physics
  • 021-54747754
  • Room 411, No. 2 Science Building
  • lijm@sjtu.edu.cn
1964--1968 Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University B.S.
1969—1974 Department of Physics, University of Chicago College Ph.D.
1974 Department of Physics, University of Chicago Research Associate
1975--76 University of Pittsburgh, Department of Physics Astronomy Research Associate
1977--78 University of Rochester Institute of Laser Energy Senior Research Associate
1979--82 Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Associate
1983--now Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher
1997-now Tsinghua University Professor
Atomic and Molecular Nano-Science Research Center Director of the Centre

研究发展了多通道量子数亏损理论;应用量子电动力学于高能原子过程,阐明了电子轫致辐射过程(高能光子能区)和辐射复合过程的内在关系;建立相 对论性多通道量子数亏损理论,为分析高离化度、高Z原子的激发态能级结构建立了理论基础;建立了非相对论性多重散射的分子自洽场理论计算方法,并阐明分子 里德伯态的电子结构;同时建立了原子超越自洽场的多通道理论计算方法,以阐明电子关联效应。

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