Wenjie Wan Associate Professor
  • Institute of Optical Science and Technology
  • Optics & Photonics
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  • 密西根426
  • wenjie.wan@sjtu.edu.cn
  • http://umji.sjtu.edu.cn/~wjwan/index.html

Wenjie Wan received the B.E. from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2004 and Ph.D from at Princeton University in 2010, both in Electrical Engineering. After one year postdoctoral training at Yale University, he joint UM-JI as Assistant Professor and jointly appointed by Department of Physics , SJTU. Dr. Wan’s publications include Science, Nature Physics, Nature Photonics and Physical Review Letters. He is the recipient of the 2009 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad. In 2011, he is awarded “1000 people’s plan (youth)” by Chinese Government.

Research Interests:
(1) Nonlinear Optics
(2) Nanophotonics, Quantum Optics
(3) Plasmonics

  1. W. Wan, S. Jia, J.W. Fleischer” Dispersive superfluid-like shock waves in nonlinear optics” Nature Physics 3, 46-51 (2007)

  2. C. Barsi, W. Wan, J.W. Fleischer ” Imaging through nonlinear media using digital holography ” Nature Photonics 3, 211-215 (2009)

  3.  W. Wan, S. Munzel, J.W. Fleischer” Nonlinear wave tunneling and Hysteresis effect” Physical Review Letters 104,073903 (2010)

  4. W. Wan, Y. Chong, L. Ge, H. Noh, A. D. Stone, H. Cao “ Time-Reversed Lasing and Interferometric Control of Absorption” Science 331, 889-892 (2011)

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