Xin Yao Professor 教育部“长江学者” (2002 年)
  • Institute of Condensed Matter Physics
  • Science and technology of crystal growth of REBCO superconductor
  • 021-54745772
  • Room 735, No. 5 Science Building
  • xyao@sjtu.edu.cn

He received Bachelor (1982), Master (1985) degrees in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), and Ph. D (1993) in Univ. of Liverpool, UK. 

He is a former research scientist at Int. Supercond. Tech. Center (ISTEC) in Japan (1993.8-2001.12). 

Since Jan.2002 until now, Yao has been a distinguished professor of Department of Physics, “ChangJiang” Scholar of SJTU.

He has been long studying on science and technology of crystal growth of REBCO superconductor, focusing on sizable crystals with high quality, growth mechanism, phase diagram and its correlation with processing-structure-property. Utilizing top-seeded solution-growth (TSSG), he has produced world record inch-sized crystals of RE123For deep investigations on superconductivity, such sizable crystals as well as a variety of chemically-doped Y123 crystals have been sent to physicists, attaining world-wide collaborative achievements. 

Recently, aiming at high performance, low cost and reliable fabrication for top-seeded melt-grown (TSMG) bulks (cryomagnets), his lab developed various novel approaches, such as RE123 film-seed, buffer-layer introducing in TSMG, recycling of bulk and buffer matters, cooling-rate controlled stoichiometry of RE123 (RE=Nd, Sm), self-assembly twin-seeds with precise (110)/(110)-alignment, RE211 refinement via nucleation catastrophe of modified precursor powders (RE2O3 and Ba2Cu3Ox).


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