Xiaozhong Yuan Professor
  • Center for Teaching and Teaching Research
  • Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
  • 021-54747927-801
  • Room 226, No. 5 Science Building
  • yxz@sjtu.edu.cn
1981-1989 East China Normal University Bachelor and Master
2002-2005 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ph. D

Research Interests:
My research interests focus on the investigation of the environmental influence on some of small quantum systems, such as spin and quantum dot. I am interested in different aspects of strongly correlated systems and pay more attentions to the dynamic behaviors of quantum systems interacting with a medium.

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  2. xiaoZhong Yuan, H.S. Goan, C.H. Lin, K.D. Zhu, Y.W. JiangNanomechanical-resonator-assisted induced transparency in a Cooper-pair-box systemNew J. Phys. 10 095016 (2008).

  3. XiaoZhong Yuan, H.S. Goan, K.D. ZhuNon-Markovian reduced dynamics and entanglement evolution of two coupled spins in a quantum spin environmentPhys. Rev. B 75 045331 (2007).

  4. XiaoZhong Yuan, K.D. ZhuBerry phase of two coupled quantum dotsPhys. Rev. B 74 073309 (2006).

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