Yuanlin Zheng Professor 国家“优秀青年” (2020 年)
  • Institute of Optical Science and Technology
  • Optics
  • Room 424, No. 5 Science Building
  • ylzheng@sjtu.edu.cn

2015.12 – now, School of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2013.12 – 2015.11, Postdoc, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2008.09 – 2013.10, Ph.D. in Optics, Department of Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2004.09 – 2008.06, B.Sc. in Applied Physics, Department of Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research Interests:

1. Nonlinear optics

2. Optical microcavities

3. Ultrafast optics

  1. Yuanlin Zheng and Xianfeng Chen*, Nonlinear wave mixing in lithium niobate thin film, Advances in Physics: X, 6(1), 1889402 (2021)  [Invited Review]

  2. Guangzhen Li#, Yuanlin Zheng#, Avik Dutt#, Danying Yu, Qingrou Shan, Shijie Liu, Luqi Yuan*, Shanhui Fan*, and Xianfeng Chen*, Dynamic band structure measurement in the synthetic space, Science Advances, 7(2), eabe4335 (2021)

  3. Peng Wang#, Yuanlin Zheng#, Xianfeng Chen, Changming Huang, Yaroslav V. Kartashov, Lluis Torner, Vladimir V. Konotop, and Fangwei Ye*, Localization and delocalization of light in photonic moiré lattices, Nature  577, 42-46 (2020)

  4. Jiafan Wu, Yiwen Huang, Chuanyi Lu, Tingting Ding, Yuanlin Zheng*, and Xianfeng Chen*, Tunable Linear Polarization-State Generator of Single Photons on a Lithium Niobate Chip, Physical Review Applied 13, 064068 (2020)

  5. Yuanlin Zheng#, Zhiwei Fang#, Shijie Liu, Ya Cheng*, and Xianfeng Chen*, High-Q exterior whispering-gallery modes in a double-layer crystalline microdisk resonator, Physical Review Letters 122, 253902 (2019)

  6. Shijie Liu, Yuanlin Zheng*, Zhiwei Fang, Xiaona Ye, Ya Cheng*, and Xianfeng Chen, Effective four-wave mixing in the lithium niobate on insulator microdisk by cascading quadratic processes, Optics Letters 44(6), 1456-1459 (2019)

  7. Haigang Liu, Hui Li, Yuanlin Zheng, and Xianfeng Chen*, Nonlinear frequency conversion and manipulation of vector beams, Optics Letters 43(24), 5981-5984 (2018)

  8. Tong Xiang, Qi-Chao Sun, Yuanhua Li, Yuanlin Zheng*, and Xianfeng Chen*, Single-photon frequency conversion via cascaded quadratic nonlinear processes, Physical Review A 97, 063810 (2018)

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  11. Jianjun Cao, Yuanlin Zheng, Yaming Feng, Xianfeng Chen, and Wenjie Wan*, Metal-free flat lens using negative refraction by nonlinear four-wave mixing, Physical Review Letters 113, 217401 (2014)

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