Faculty (TDLI)
Hong Ding Professor
  • Institute of Condensed Matter Physic
  • Use angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy to study emergent states of matter.
  • S525,TDLI Lab Building, NO.520 Shengrong Road, Shanghai, 201210
  • dingh AT sjtu.edu.cn
Education Background

1990 - 1995 University of Illinois at Chicago, Doctor Degree 
1986 - 1990 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Bachelor Degree

Professional Experience

2022 - Now T. D. Lee Professor, Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2008 - 2022 Professor, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2007 - 2008 Professor, Boston College
2003 - 2007 Associate professor, Boston College
1998 - 2003 Assistant professor, Boston College
1995 - 1998 Postdoc, Argonne National Laboratory

  1. Dongfei Wang, et al., “Evidence for Majorana bound state in an iron-based superconductor”, Science 362, 334 (2018)

  2. Peng Zhang, et al., “Observation of topological superconductivity on the surface of iron-based superconductor”, Science 360, 182 (2018) 

  3. B. Q. Lv, et al., “Observation of three-component fermions in the topological semimetal molybdenum phosphide”, Nature 546, 627 (2017) 

  4. B. Q. Lv, et al., “Experimental discovery of Weyl semimetal TaAs”, Physical Review X 5, 031013 (2015)

  5. H. Ding, et al., “Observation of Fermi-surface–dependent nodeless superconducting gaps in Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2”, EuroPhysics Letters 83, 47001 (2008) 

  6. H. Ding, et al., "Spectroscopic Evidence for a Pseudogap in the Normal State of Underdoped High-Tc Superconductors", Nature 382, 51 (1996)

2020Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement (Individual) Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

European Advanced Materials Award

2015, 2017, 2018Scientific achievement has been selected as Top Ten Scientific Advancements/ Top Ten Science and Technology News in China
2011American Physical Society Fellow
2005National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (B type)
1999Sloan Research Fellowship Award

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