Organizational Structure

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Physics and Astronomy Interdisciplinary Science Institute

The Interdisciplinary Science Research Institute was established in April 2000 and currently has a faculty of eight members, comprising five professors and three specially-appointed researchers. Among them, one member is a recipient of the National "Thousand Talents Program" for Foreign Experts, five members are the recipients of "National Thousand Young Talents Program", and one member received funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China's Outstanding Youth Project and was also selected for the "Yangtze River Scholar" Youth Program. The research institute has played an active role in advancing research directions such as biophysics, statistical physics, and soft matter physics, as well as in foundational course instruction, constantly striving for progress. In recent years, it has achieved significant results in areas including project applications, talent recruitment, and scientific research. Obtained funding for one National Natural Science Foundation of China's Excellent Youth Project; Received support for eight General Projects; Recruited five recipients of the National "Thousand Young Talents" program, one recipient of the National "Thousand Foreign Experts" program, and one recipient of the Shanghai "Thousand Talents" program; As the first unit (with corresponding authors being primarily from the university), published over twenty high-impact papers, including 1 paper in Nature flagship journal, 4 papers in PNAS, 2 papers in Nature Communications, and 10 papers in Physical Review Letters.

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