Physics of SJTU selected into Shanghai First-Class Disciplines (2012.09.11)

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 In recent days, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (SMEC) published a list of Shanghai first-class disciplines. 19 majors from 11 universities were finally selected as Class A first-class disciplines after experts’ strict assessments. Physics of Physics Department, Shanghai Jiao Tong University was on the list together with other three disciplines of SJTU, namely Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, and Clinical Medicine.

The purpose of Shanghai implementing “Shanghai First-Class Disciplines Construction Plan” is to promote the internationalization of higher education in Shanghai. With help from this plan, some disciplines can develop into ones with crucial influence in the international society by 2020.


According to the assessment plan of SMEC, the overall level of Class A first-class disciplines should pace similar disciplines in China. Physics Department, SJTU pays attention to academic construction in recent years, and has been among the top in areas like faculty force, strength of scientific research, and academic reputation. Being selected into first-class disciplines (Class A) after two round strict assessments gives us powerful motive force and solid foundation on the way of constructing world class Physics Department.


External link: Notice from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (in Chinese)


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