SPCS2012 & SSNuDM were successfully held in Shanghai (Sep 15-20, 2012)

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2012 Shanghai Particle Physics and Cosmology Symposium & Shanghai International Summer School of Neutrino and Dark Matter kicked off on September 15, 2012 in Minhang campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Dr. Jianglai Liu, Chairman of SPCS2012&SSNuDM and a distinguished research fellow of SJTU, chaired the meeting. Professor Xiangdong Ji, director of Physics Department Shanghai Jiao Tong University, announced the commencement of the meeting and extended warm welcome those present.


SPCS is an annual symposium hosted by Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. SPCS2012 is the second of this annual symposium series. The purpose of the symposium is to gather together top-notch researches in particle physics and cosmology, review the progress of the field, and envision possible breakthroughs in the near future. The purpose of SSNuDM is to provide young scientists with an introduction to the rapidly growing field of neutrino, dark matter and underground physics. This school offers young scientists the opportunity to interact with leaders in the field as well as among themselves.


SPCS2012 attracted more than 30 experts from universities and research institutes all over the world. They introduced the latest process of international research projects concerning particle physics, including neutrino oscillations, neutrinoless double beta decay and dark matter direct detection.

Shanghai International Summer School of Neutrinos and Dark Matter followed SPCS2012 on Sep. 17-20. More than 40 PhD students and postdocs attend the school, learning theoretical knowledge and doing dark matter experiments. On September 20, the American Physical Society delegation visited Physics Department Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and showed up at the reception of SSNuDM. They had a close contact with students and professors at the school. The APS delegation highly spoke of the role SSNuDM played as a bridge between young scientists on particle physics in China and international counterparts.


The success of SPCS2012&SSNuDM brings tighter relations between China particle physics and the world physical society, and it promotes the academic influence of Physics Department SJTU in particle physics. In the future, Physics Department SJTU will more vigorously participate in academic conferences both at home and abroad, to spread and exchange the latest scientific findings made by the department.

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