Professors and Students of Physics Department attend CPS 2012 Fall Meeting (Sep 20-23, 2012)

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      CPS 2012 Fall Meeting, lasting from September 20 to 23, opened in Sun Yat-sen University. The meeting was hosted by Chinese Physical Society (CPS), with an aim to provide a platform for the physicists from all fields to have academic discussions. Many professors and students from Physics Department, Shanghai Jiao Tong University attended the meeting, gave invited speeches, made oral presentations, and presented posters.


      Professor Xiangdong Ji, Director of Physics Department, attended and chaired CPS and APS Joint Session; Professor Shenou Cai, Ying Liu, Xianfeng Chen, Xiangjun Xing and associate research Dandan Guan gave reports at the invitation. Professor Jinfeng Jia, Qitu Hu, Shenou Cai, Xianfeng Chen and Xiangjun Xing chaired report sessions. Moreover, students from the department, like Meixiao Wang, Jinpeng Xu made oral reports and presented posters at the meeting.


      Actively participating national conferences is very important to enhancing the department’s influence in academic filed and establishing its position in domestic physics departments. Physics Department, SJTU will more vigorously participate academic conferences both at home and abroad, to spread and exchange the latest scientific findings made by the department.

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