1/3 power-law universality class out of stochastic driving in interacting systems [11 Feb 2022]

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Recently, Prof. Zi Cai from School of Physics and Astronomy, SJTU published a research paper titled “1/3 power-law universality class out of  stochastic driving in interacting systems” in Physical Review Letters.

In this work, the mean-field dynamics of a general class of many-body systems with stochastically fluctuating interactions was studied. This findings revealed a universal algebraic decay of the order parameter m(t)~ t-1/3 where the 1/3 exponent is independent of most system details including the strength of the stochastic driving, the energy spectrum of the undriven systems, the initial states and even the driving protocols. It is shown that such a dynamical universality class can be understood as a consequence of a diffusive process with a time-dependent diffusion coefficient which is determined self-consistently during the evolution. 

Prof.  Zi Cai is the single author of this work, which is supported by the grants from the National Key Research and Development Program of China , NSFC of China, and  Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Major Project .


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