2022 summer holiday plan of School of Physics and Astronomy

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Dear all,


According to the university’s work arrangements and combining actual situation of our school, 2022 summer holiday plans are made as below:


1.   Students’ 2022 summer holiday starts from July 18thMondayto September 10th (Saturday).


Staff’s 2022 summer holiday starts from July 18thMondayto September 7th (Wednesday). The new semester will start on September 8th(Thursday).


2. To ensure the normal operation of the school, the administrative staff will work shifts during the summer working days from July 18 th (Monday) to September 7th (Wednesday). Enclosed please find the duty table of the school offices for Summer holiday of 2022 in Appendix1. Office hours are 8:30am-11:30am, 13:30pm-16:30pm. The secondary units make holiday arrangements by themselves.


3. All secondary units should attach great importance to security work during the Summer holiday.


4. During the Summer holiday, all teachers and students are requested to enhance the awareness of personal protection, and strictly implement the requirements of the COVID-19 prevention and control on a regular basis.  Faculty and staff leaving Shanghai on holidays need to report.  


5. During the Summer holiday, in order to prevent the confidential information from leaking, it is strictly prohibited to transfer confidential documents, sensitive information or discuss them through wechat or other social apps.


    6. The new semester will start on September 8th(Thursday).



Emergency: call university’s security office: 5474‐9110 and report to the school chairs.

Power problems (electricity, A/C etc.): 5474‐3677

Maintenance: 5474‐2421

Science Building Property: 5428-3595




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July 13th, 2022 

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