High Energy Physics Working Month (Aug.13-24,2012)

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The participants include senior researchers and postdoctoral research
fellows in the area of particle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics and
cosmology from China and overseas. The topics of discussions and
collaborations include LHC physics, beyond standard model physics, dark
matter and dark energy, cosmology, and QCD physics, etc. We plan to have
25-30 active researchers to participate in the working month and the
participation is by invitation only.

Preliminary Schedules:
Aug 13-Aug 24, Center for High-Energy Physics, Peking University Aug 25-Aug
31, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Sept 1-Sept 7, Hua-Zhong Normal
University, Wuhan Sept 8-Sept 14, Center for High-Energy Physics, Peking

We will have about 20 fellowships for postdoctoral fellows from overseas.
The fellowship covers a round-trip ticket ( up to $1500 from America, up to
$1200 from Europe), one-month lodging in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, travel
expenses in China, and a certain living stipend. To apply for the
fellowship, please send your CV and one letter of recommendation to Prof.
Bin Chen  ( by email before April. 30, 2012. The
fellowship will be announced in May.
The updated details of the working month can be found in the webpage:

Bin Chen(Peking University)
Shao-long Chen (Hua-Zhong Normal University) Xiangdong Ji (Peking
University/Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Zhong-Bo Kang (RIKEN,BNL) Chuan
Liu (Peking University) Wei Liao(ECUST/Peking University) Tao Liu(University
of California, Santa Barbara) Yi Wang(McGill University) Fan Yang (FNAL)

Center for High Energy Physics, Peking University Institute of Nuclear,
Particle, Astronomy and Cosmology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University
No.800 Dong Chuan Road, No.5 Physics building
Minhang District, Shanghai,

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