2012 Shanghai Particle Physics and Cosmology Symposium (SPCS2012, Sep.15-16)

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2012 Shanghai Particle Physics and Cosmology Symposium (SPCS2012) will take place on Sep. 15-16, 2012 at the Minhang campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Shanghai. This will be the second of of this annual symposium series. The purpose of the symposium is to gather together top-notch researchers in particle physics and cosmology, review the progress of the field, envision possible breakthroughs in the near future, and discuss long term perspectives. This time, special emphasis will be on neutrino physics and dark matter. This meeting will also provide an opportunity to build closer ties between the Chinese and international physics communities during this exciting time in particle physics and cosmology.

The symposium will be immediately followed by Shanghai International Summer School of Neutrinos and Dark Matter (SSNuDM), held at SJTU campus on Sep. 17-20. The purpose of the summer school is to provide young scientists with an introduction to the rapidly growing field of neutrino, dark matter, and underground physics. A group of international experts will review the status and current developments in the field. The school will offer young scientists the opportunity to interact with leaders in the field as well as among themselves, and to present their own research in an informal and stimulating setting. It will train the next-generation of neutrino scientists in China, the US, and other countries, and further develop US-China relations in particle, astrophysics, and underground science.

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