SJTU Professor Xiangdong Ji Awarded 2015 Jefferson Outstanding Nuclear Physicist

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Recently, the United States Jefferson Science Associates, LLC

announced that the 2015 Outstanding Nuclear Physicist was awarded to Professor Xiangdong Ji from SJTU and Professor Anatoly Radyushkin from Old Dominion University - Jefferson National Laboratory, in recognition of their pioneering contributions to the theoretical research of  generalized parton distribution and the discovery and experiment in deeply virtual compton scattering.  

Jefferson Outstanding Physicist Award was founded in 2011 and was awarded every two years, aiming to award those individuals who have made continuous contributions to the theoretical and experimental research in nuclear physics. It is now one of the most internationally recognized honors in nuclear physics research.

Jefferson Award Committee highly recognized Professor Xiangdong Ji's and Professor Anatoly Radyushkin's outstanding contributions in the study of hadron theory. The committee cited in the news the internationally renowned physicist in hadron theory and Stanford University Professor Brodsky: "Professor Xiangdong Ji and Professor Anatoly Radyushkin are among the most outstanding physicists worldwide in the fields of hadron physics, nuclear physics and quantum chromodynamics, their innovative research will have a profound impact on the development of physics and nuclear physics of hadrons.



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