Tsung-Dao Lee Library Completes Construction at SJTU

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December 28th, the Inauguration Ceremony of Tsung-Dao Lee Library was grandly held at SJTU Minhang campus. Professor James Lee, the eldest son of Professor Tsung-Dao Lee, academicians of physics sciences Mr. Ye Minghan, Mr. Yang Guozhen, Mr. Tao Ruibao, Mr. Chen Hesheng and Mr. Chen Sunyu, Professor Maw-Kuen Wu, President of Taiwan Donghua University, Dr. Eden Woon, Vice President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Mr. Wu Jianzhong, Curator of Shanghai Library, Mr. Wang Shiwei, President of Information Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Liu Qianwei, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Urban Construction and Management Committee, Professor Zhang Jie, President of SJTU, Professor Ma Dexiu, Deputy Director of the Education, Science and Sports Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and former Party Secretary of SJTU, Professor Xie Shengwu, former President of SJTU, Professor. Zhu Jian, Deputy Party Secretary of SJTU, Mr. Zhang Ansheng, Vice President of SJTU,officials from relevant institutes on the municipal and district level,

 Tsung-Dao Lee Library Completes Construction at SJTU

representatives from the design and construction company of this library, librarian delegations from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other colleges and universities, representatives from the National Museum Association, representatives of SJTU students and faculty, and all members from the construction headquarters of this library attended this ceremony.The event was presided over by Professor Wu Dan, Vice President of SJTU as well as General Director of the construction headquarters of Tsung-Dao Lee Library.  



Tsung-Dao Lee Library Completes Construction at SJTU

Due to his health condition, Professor Tsung-Dao Lee was unable to attend the ceremony personally so he asked his eldest son to attend the ceremony and record a video of the event. Professor Lee congratulated on the opening of the library. On behalf of his father, Professor James Lee delivered a speech during which he fondly recalled the bonds between Professor Tsung-Dao Lee as well as his family and SJTU, stressing that "this bond has undergone a century and grown even stronger, which has become a story of general approval among both Chinese and foreign scholars.

Academician Zhang Jie, Professor James Lee unveiled the plaque of "Tsung-Dao Lee Library" together.

Tsung-Dao Lee Library Completes Construction at SJTUTsung-Dao Lee Library Completes Construction at SJTUAfter the inauguration ceremony, " Tsung-Dao Lee Science and Art Exhibition" was held in the library. The works of 28 artists from home and abroad were exhibited in the hall, embodying the Professor Tsung-Dao Lee's belief that science and art can blend and develop together.

Tsung-Dao Lee Library Completes Construction at SJTU

A Great Scientist beyond Nobel Prize

Professor Tsung-Dao Lee is among the first scientists of Chinese origin who won the Nobel Physics Prize. In 1957, Professor Tsung-Dao Lee was just 31 years old. He and Professor Chen Ning Yang discovered "parity nonconservation in weak interaction" and thus won the "Nobel Prize in Physics".

Winning the "Nobel Prize" for many people equals reaching the pinnacle of a scientist's life; however, Professor Tsung-Dao Lee did not stop the pace of exploration. After the prize winning, he went on making more and more excellent achievements in fields like quantum field theory, elementary particle theory, nuclear physics, statistical mechanics, fluid mechanics, astrophysics disciplines, condensed matter physics and quantum mechanics. He also won the Einstein Science Award, Galileo Medal and many other awards.

The Unique  "Five in One" Library

Tsung-Dao Lee Library consists of "Tsung-Dao Lee Digital Resource Center" and "Tsung-Dao Lee Library (solid construction)," whose functions can complement for each other. Tsung-Dao Lee Library contains a total of over 3400 papers, 5700 manuscripts, 40,000 letters, and more than 20,000 books as well as audio and video materials. Tsung-Dao Lee Library, for the most part is a library and archives, but it also functions as a museum, a science and technology museum as well as an art gallery, showing the uniqueness of this "Five in One" Library.



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