SJTU Research Team Reveals Amorphous Transition Mechanism in Particle System

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Recently, the research group of fellowship Wang Yujie from SJTU Department from Physics and Astronomy published the paper "Similarity of wet granular packings to gels" on Nature Communications, and provided new clues of understanding the transitional mechanism of verification.
The particle system, on the one hand, could be used to study the formation and plastic deformation mechanism of amorphous system as a model system of statistical physics; on the other hand, its sensibility could produce many complex mechanical and dynamic phenomena.

Research of these phenomena could help us to understand the production, storage, and transportation of particle materials, as while as to understand natural disasters such as landslides, mud-rock flow, avalanches and earthquakes. Therefore, to study particle system with synchrotron radiation X ray imaging technology has significance of both basic research and practical application.

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