Unveiling Ceremony of Guangqi Observatory [Nov. 11, 2021]

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Aiming at serving the astronomical courses and popular astronomy, SJTUPA started to build an observatory from December 2020. It was finished in August 2021 and got its name ‘Guangqi Observatory’ during a name-seeking activity. On November 10, an unveiling ceremony was held. Moreover, the observatory is officially open to the public now.  

Guangqi Observatory is located on the 8th platform in the No.5 building, New Buildings of Sciences at SJTU. The exterior is a 4-meter all-sky dome, and inside is a 40-cm Schmit-Cassegrain telescope. It is a f/8 equatorial catadioptric telescope. With the Paramount ME II equatorometer, the telescope can point to the celestial objects at a high precision. Besides, the telescope is equipped with a digital camera, charge coupled device (CCD) and multi-waveband filters. We can monitor various objects, such as the planets, transients, bright galaxies, nebulae and stellar clusters in the future. 

Jupiter, Moon and Saturn photographed by “Guangqi”


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