Zhu Xinglong wins 2021 CAI Shidong Plasma Physics Award [Nov. 12, 2021]

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Zhu Xinglong, a postdoctoral research fellow at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, won the 2021 CAI Shidong Plasma Physics Award presented by the CAI Shidong Plasma Physics Prize Committee at the 2020/2021 fall Meeting of the Chinese Physical Society.

According to the prize announcement, Dr. Zhu is awarded for his significant contributions to developing novel ultrashort high-brilliance gamma-ray and positron sources using quantum electrodynamic effects and plasma particle-in-cell simulation.

The CAI Shidong Plasma Physics Prize was established in 1998. It is awarded to one to three people every year. The prize is mainly awarded to PhD students and young scholars who are engaged in the field of plasma physics, aiming to encourage young researchers to engage in the research of plasma physics, which plays an essential role in promoting the development of plasma physics in China.

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